Crochet Lace Vest Scallop edging Sleeveless


  Crochet Lace Vest Scallop Edging First of all, are you tired of big box stores. Another Machine…

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Crochet Lace Vest scallop edging. Lightweight & open weave sleeveless. White Cotton.


Crochet Lace Vest Scallop Edging

First of all, are you tired of big box stores. Another Machine made, mass produced polyester “lace” clothing? Looking for an exquisite alternative? We invite you to browse through our collection. Most noteworthy, Crochet Lace Vest. And beautifully finished with a crocheted scallop edging. Lightweight and open weave crochet vest featuring sleeveless in a slouchy silhouette.

So, check this out. An exquisite blending of elegance and wearable art, Designed and locally made, stitch by stitch, for you! As well, we are connecting appreciative connoisseurs of genuine hand made vintage lace “par excellence” to precious bona fide artwear.

Our brand exclusively made for you

Zena Jane Lace Wear is unique. I know what you are thinking. So beautiful and so feminine! Definitely out of this world, An amazing collection of the best vintage best efforts of past centuries’ needle & thread skills!

So, don’t miss this golden opportunity! Get our crochet lace vest. Different and uniquely yours.Maybe, just maybe, you will attract too much attention.

More about our Crochet Lace Vest

In contrast to mass manufactured laces, this Crochet Lace Vest is hand made with Cotton thread. Spiked Centre Flowers are crocheted front and back. Even more, a beautiful scallop edge of half moon floral provides an attractive border. Lightweight and open weave vest is ideal to dress up in a formally relaxed style.

Designed to be loose fitting and sleeveless, The White colour vest shape styles perfectly with our many choices of straight or circle skirts. The design is inspired by Vintage Crochet Lace patterns. Made of natural fibre 100% Cotton. One size fits all.

Lightweight and open weave lace vest featuring sleeveless in a slouchy silhouette.


  • One size fits All.

Ease into the season with this versatile crochet lace vest. Hand made is always elegant. Take your style up a notch. Imagine a white lace vest over a black outfit, or any other colour. That’s both office-approved and just right for date night. This piece is part of our new Zena Jane Lace Wear brand’s collab with The Lace And Linens Co, a place for moms who want to take their standard uniform up a notch. White colour is perfect to complement any of your favourite colour.


  • 38″+ bust and expandable
  • 45″ length
  • Scalloped edge
  • Sleeveless
  • Natural fibre 100% cotton
  • Hand wash, dry flat
  • Made in Canada
  • Zena Jane Lace Wear collection
  • Item #ZJ003B57W Crochet Lace Vest Sleeveless
  • 2-4 weeks delivery.



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