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Golden Moments Embroidered Mantel Scarf


  There is one Holiday Central spot in the house that’s easy enough to change up year after…



There is one Holiday Central spot in the house that’s easy enough to change up year after year: the mantel. Decorating the mantel can be the first step in getting your home ready for the holidays. Not sure where to start? Check out our Golden Moments Embroidered Mantel Scarf or Fireplace Runner.

In addition, below is a link to Elle Decor for more decorating ideas to complement our elegant Golden Moments Embroidered Mantel Scarf.

Golden Moments embroidered Mantel Scarf or Fireplace Runners are beautiful and elegant with white candles and gold thread accents. Easy care Viscose & Polyester blend. Celebrate the Golden Moments in your life : Hanukka, Yuletide, Christmas, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, etc.  Simple Elegance is the only description befitting our product line! This is a product line which takes simplicity to the highest level: simplicity in colours, White and Gold, and simplicity in design, Candle and Candlelight. Embroidery is exquisite and tasteful, not too much and not too little! The Gold colour tone selected is perfect, not too shiny and not too dull.


Decorate your Fireplace this entire winter season with Golden Moments Mantel Scarf. Elegant & beautifully embroidered CandleLight in Gold Thread & Satin White stitches.   Elegant and classic, Golden Moments tablecloth can suit throughout the entire holiday season, Easter or even weddings. Easy-care Viscose & Polyester blend.


We select Viscose to blend with Polyester for easy care. Viscose is the oldest man-made fibre with a luxurious & silk like aesthetic. The Viscose content can provide a superb drape on any surface. Also, check out our Golden Moments Tablecloth.

  • Made of warm white Viscose & polyester blend.
  • Embroidered white & gold accents details.
  • Mantel Scarf/Fireplace runner/ Valance: 16″(d)x92″(l).
  • Measurements are approximate with a variance of 5-10% deviance.
  • NO Dryer.
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