Needlepoint white Persian cat cushion

Wool Needlepoint White Doll-Faced Persian Cat Petit Point Pillow


  Needlepoint in the United Kingdom is often referred to as “tapestry” or “canvaswork”, that is, stitched by…



Needlepoint in the United Kingdom is often referred to as “tapestry” or “canvaswork”, that is, stitched by needlepoint on stiff open grid canvas mesh. When worked on fine weave canvas, it is also known as “Petitpoint”. Our needlepoint designs are hand crafted with only a basic and simple “tent stitch”, and rely on colour changes in the wool yarn to construct the pattern.

Our regular decorative needlepoint pillows have 132 stitches per square inch. Our Petit Point pillows have an incredible 576 stitches per square inch for even greater detail. Several of our pillows are a mix stitch of regular grosse point Needlepoint and Petit Point stitch. They are indeed a beautiful expression of hand artistry and timeless beauty.

The White Doll-Faced Persian is considered to be essentially the original breed of Persian cat, without the development of “extreme” features. The dignified and docile nature of the Persian makes it a popular breed. The expert stitching and change of various shades of white colour yarn reflect the highly skilled needlepoint workmanship. It is amazing how the fine stitches of Petit Point can bring life to the eyes and the nose.  Limited quantity.


Below is a close-up image to demonstrate the fine petit point work. Look at how bold and adorable these blue eyes are, beseeching attention!

Needlepoint White true Persian Doll-faced Cat cushion cover closeup.

We also have its “companion”, the Red Peke-faced Persian Cat Cushion.

  • Made of 100% Wool yarn.
  • Yarn dyed for colour fast.
  • Velveteen cotton backing:  Cream.
  • Zipper closure hidden mid way.
  • Square Size : 16″x16″
  • Cover only.
  • All measurements are approximate with a variance of 5-10% deviance.
  • Dry clean.

Approximate prices in other currencies: US$ 69.81 / UK pound sterling 54.00 / Euro 63.05  (Jan 2016)

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