Apron Lace Pinafore White Cotton Cut Work Embroidered Medallion


  An apron is a garment worn at the front of the body, since ancient times, for practical…

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An apron is a garment worn at the front of the body, since ancient times, for practical and decorative purposes. Most aprons tie at the waist, usually made of pure and white premium quality cotton.


At The Lace And Linens Co.com, we offer 3 types of Aprons:

  • Waist Apron or Half-Apron that extends from the waist to mid thigh.
  • Bib Apron or Full-Apron covers the chest and ties or loops behind the neck and ties at the waist.
  • Pinafore Apron features more fabric over the shoulders than a conventional full or bib apron. Pinafores often include decorative ruffles, or ‘wings’ of fabric above the shoulder.


This bib apron features elaborate Cut work embroidery on the bib as well as the apron bottom. To reinforce the delicate hand work, a 3/8″ binding tape is applied onto the outermost cut-out area surrounding the entire outline at the bottom of the apron. The same binding is applied to the circumference of the medallion as well as the inverted connecting “V” on the bib.  It is All in the Details, close up image to illustrate this “extra” care feature. In addition, hand embroidery pekinese stitches, slant satin stitches, etc. adorn and enhance the main cut work motif.

Cotton Cut work Medallion full length apron.      Cotton Cut work Medallion full length apron.


There are 2 pockets. A Cut work rose motif and scalloped edge is embroidered as added decoration.


Pocket details of cut work embroidered full length apron.


  • Made of pure crisp white cotton.
  • Cut work trim with hand embroidered accents on bib.
  • Size : 24″ x 34″ x 36″.
  • Cut Work embroidery with hand embroidered details.
  • 2 pockets: 4″ x 5″.
  • Softly pleated at waist.
  • All sizes are approximate measurements with a variation of 5-10% deviance.
  • No Dryer


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