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Elegant All over Solid Battenburg Lace Tea Cozy with lace trim Victorian style for large size teapot   Exquisite collection of tea cozies from The Lace And Linens Co. adds finese to the Art of Tea!


“Did you know? One day, you will die.Technically, I will, too; but I will be immortalized through blogs.But, in the immortal words of 5-year-olds everywhere, why must we die? And, in the words of evil magicians everywhere hell-bent on taking over the world, how can we postpone our obsolescence?  Well, tea readers, you’ve come to the right place. For not only do I have a partial answer to the first question, but I also have an equally unsatisfying answer to the second.”                                                      

A firm believer in “auspicious coincidence”, this morning marks the beginning of blog(s) about Lace And Linens! Where do I start? Aspiring to take exquisite Lace to a more sophisicated level of appreciation …perhaps…connecting to Tea and the sophisticated manifestation of tea drinking!                                    

Then…Magic happens…

Google search: Tea as Art results in Tea and auspicious first and last landing at Lake Missoulate Tea Company!

Excellence in Tea and Lace share one focus in common…deep appreciation refines and rejuvenates…this “striving to excel” can become an art of itself!


Stay tuned for the next blog from The Lace And Linens!