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Holly Gift Bag as planter holder
The Appliqué stitches of this Holly Wreath Gift Bag are so even & minute that only an expert embroiderer can master, an incredible 18-20 stitches per inch. With a wide bottomed gusset, It makes an attractive holder for the Poinsettia plant or any evergreen.
  Tuesday Weekly special :    December 5th - December 12th 15% off     C$ 7.60 Click on each image twice for closer look. Regular price: C$ 8.95   The Appliqué stitches of this Holly Wreath Gift Bag are so beautifully crafted that only an expert embroiderer can master (an incredible 18-20 stitches per inch.) With a More Info »
Price: $8.95$7.60
by Lace and Linens


wCanada Map
The Map of Canada: 10 provinces and 3 Territories.
Canada as a country is rich in diversity and variety. Its land stretches from temperate climate of Pacific British Columbia to the northern cold of Nunuvut. Each individual province chose their own flower as emblem. We design 12 flowers to represent each province out of 13 including 3 territories. Not a Canadian, no problem. These More Info »
Price: from $3.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY-Hostess Gift-Unique & Practical -Boutique quality Guest Towel

Linens & Life Styles: Hostess Gift- Applqué Guest Towels Bundles
Hostess Gift- Hand Appliqué Guest Towels pre-bundled special. Colour coordinated pre-arranged in Blue-Pink-Yellow-Green. Buy more Save more option available.
Etiquette is essential for a more civilized society. Hostess gifts are one easy way to show appreciation to your host or hostess. Here are some pre-packaged ideas for a memorable, not to mention, usable DIY Hostess Gift. Mix & Match any 2 Guest Towels + 2 plush Velour Towels with Battenburg Lace Trim for a More Info »
Price: from $4.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY- Wedding- Magic Handkerchief Baby Bonnet

DIY supply-Magic Handkie
DIY Magic Handkie- DIY Wedding Handkerchief into Baby Bonnet
  For an ideal and memorable baby shower gift, why not make a lovely baby bonnet from a simple handkerchief? The hankie-bonnet can be used on the baby’s christening day, then be kept as a keepsake until it is passed down to the bride-to-be as a rite of passage. The Lace And Linens Co. can More Info »
Price: from $3.65
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by Lace and Linens

DIY supply-Window-Embroidered Roses Tablecloth-DIY Café Curtain

DIY supply- Window CafeCurtain -DIY Tablecloth with clips
Satin stitched Embroidered Roses with hand Crochet Lace trimmings is an easy DIY Window Café curtain with simple clips or even old fashion clothes pegs.
Tablecloths can be a no-sew Café Curtain, a simple yet sophisticated way to glamorize your windows. The dainty design of the perfect tablecloth can create a romantic atmosphere to your home, and is thick enough to give you the right amount of privacy. Different styles to choose from, in classic Ecru or White Colour. Buy More Info »
Price: from $24.95$19.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY supply-Window Treatment- Small Square Tea Tablecloths

Small Tablecloth-Tuscany Lace Window Treatment
Small square table toppers can be an easy & intimate treatment for a window. Lace embellishment will cast interesting patterned light into a room.
For an easy way to embellish your windows, drape some lace runners or tablecloths diagonally over curtain rods. This technique will cast a patterned light into the room, creating an endearing charm within your home.
Price: from $17.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY Supply-Vintage Handmade Lace and Embroidered Doilies-Medium

Vintage Doily
DIY supply of Handmade All Lace or Embroidered Doily -Crochet Lace, Tuscany Lace, Tatting Lace. Bobbin Lace etc. Many sizes available starting from 4″+6″+8″+10″+12″+14″+16″+18″+20″+24″+30″. Please inquire. Buy more, save more option available. Wholesale customers welcome.
      Very fine handmade Vintage doilies for creative craft projects or intimate home decorations or setting an elegant hostess event, all at very affordable prices.  Many styles to choose from, of various shapes and sizes to match.  At Lace And Linens find the quantities you want and vintage but not used merchandises, no More Info »
Price: from $2.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY supply- GO GREEN: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Cotton Napkins

Al Fresco Dining-Cotton Napkins
Al Fresco Dining- Natural Fibre Quality Cotton Napkins
    Considering that paper accounts for one-third of municipal landfill waste, paper napkins can be a huge hazard to the environment. The large amount of pulp, water, energy, and chemicals used is greatly wasted in the production of paper napkins, along with the alarming amount of greenhouse gases that are produced. That's why many More Info »
Price: from $12.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY supply- Embroidered Doily Lamp

Embroidered Doily Lamp mp
DIY supply of Embroidered Doily -Cross Stitched, Battenburg Lace, Cluny Lace, Reticella Lace, Cutwork, Whitework, etc. Many sizes available. Please inquire. Buy more, Save more option available. Wholesale customer welcome.
With the right skills, Embroidered Doilies can be easily made into glamorous lampshades. You can choose from our many stunning designs, along with several different sizes. We'll provide you with the ideal doily that will "light" up your decor.
Price: from $3.49
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by Lace and Linens


Petit Point closeup needlecraft puse
Needlepoint tapestry make your own purse Limited Edition at a fraction of retail value- just add handles.
  With basic sewing skills and a little creativity, you can make your own one-of-a-kind purse with this semi-finished kit. Just add your choice of handles and a lining. It's that easy...and at a fraction of retail cost. Extra canvas space allows for modification of existing finished size or shape. Show off your needlecraft and More Info »
Price: $39.95
by Lace and Linens

DIY Hostess Gifts-Unique Kitchen Gift Ideas-Tribute to a superb chef

Pinafore Peach Tulips image158
Pinafore Peach Tulips- appropriate message to a gracious hostess: Tulips symbolizing Perfect Love
If the saying is true: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the reverse should also be true: the hostess who spent hours of labouring from the heart should be honoured with gifts of a personal touch.
Price: from $14.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY GIFT BASKET- Tea Lover Theme- Appenzell Embroidered Tea Cozy & Tea Tablecloth

DIY Gift Basket-Tea Lover-Blush Pink & Mint Green Renaissance Lace round
DIY Gift Basket-Tea Lover: Blush Pink & Mint Green Hand made Renaissance Lace round + Appenzell Pink Tea Cozy 2-pieces gift set
To complement this hint of Blush Pink and Mint Green, we offer a unique and lovely tea cozy. Keep your tea warm
Price: from $49.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY GIFT BASKET TEA Lover: Batten Lace Tea Cozy+TeaCloth gift set

DIY Gift Basket-Battenburg Lace Tea Cozy
DIY Battenburg Lace Tea Cozy & Tea Tablecloth gift set
  Tea lovers We understand the refined allure of tea, that's why we offer the most exquisite linens to suit your cultivated tastes. Our Tea Cozy and Tea Tablecloth, with their eloquent designs, can brighten up social engagements or a simple get-together.
Price: from $39.95
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by Lace and Linens

DIY Basics- Cotton Pillow Case for PillowCase Dress

Cross Stitched Cases X006 IMG1288
Cross Stitched full Crochet Lace edged cotton pillowcase
  Are you tired of the generic linens any general store has to offer? Do you yearn for more romantic, aesthetic designs but do not have money to afford it? The Lace and Linens Co. has the products you want in affordable prices.  Making a pillow case dress is simple and effortless. With our high-quality More Info »
Price: from $14.95$8.95
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by Lace and Linens