Let me Tell You About my Story

All About Alice

Hi! My name is Alice McQuade, founder of The Lace and Linens Co. and a Canadian linen and lace specialist since 1969.

Working with celebrities, homemakers, brides and cultural appreciators of fine fabrics for the last 30+ years I have a high level of experience and knowledge in this industry. I will confess my obsession with helping people create a one-of-a-kind ambience in their surroundings. My customers want something that elevates their uniqueness where their family and guests experience rich, delicate sentiments through fabric choices.

I strive to make your house guests experience a piece of history and a connection to the Renaissance period of Catherine de Medici, Point de Milan, or Point D’ Espagne, considering your forage into the french revolution, as Marie Antionette’s gowns of lace were the chosen functions at the time. (Yes, I’m obsessed with these collections). Whether it is special events, holiday dinners, corporate affairs or simply a romantic setting, our collection of nice linens and lace will be a welcome addition to your affair.

As you sample and shop our collections, let me remind you I’m here to help you create a lasting, soul-lifting experience that you, your family and your guests will talk about for years to come – I can guarantee.