Quality Lace & Linens

Formal Dining in Style- mpLThe Lace and Linens Co. is Canada’s choice for quality Lace & Linens – your connection to grace, delicacy and good taste.

Commonly referred to as “a delicate openwork fabrics of fine threads” … linen and lace are a chosen preference for those looking for luxury fabric, collectors items – without the heavy pricing.

Here you’ll find rare, but affordable Belgian bobbin lace, samples of handmade chantilly lace … sensual collections of Battenburg duvets, cutwork … plus a limited sampling of Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Chinese influenced designs and fabrics.

Enjoy the collection of these sweet, delicate, usable artwork.


2 Responses to Quality Lace & Linens

  1. I would like to see samples of your lace linens. I am working on a wedding that the bride is desiring lace table covers and I would like to see what you offer.

    • Well, I would suggest Battenburg Lace or Tuscany Lace for a vintage look…and Crochet Lace for a Country or Rustic look.
      You may purchase a 6″ or 10″ doily for sample. I can then help you to establish the size within your client’s budget. The advantage of using lace to decorate tables is that the lace is already so alluring and beautiful, it can either cover the entire table or partial table. Shipment can be immediate, drawing from on-hand inventory. All available stock are premium quality designed and imported over 4 decades, hence the vintage look and genuine hand crafted. Welcome to the world of romance.