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12 Days Of Christmas Handmade Quilted Wall Hanging Heirloom Gift

Christmas Hand made Quilt an affordable Wall Hanging to decorate your home, traditional or modern.

A Sweet & Romantic Lace Decorated Candy Bar at Wedding Reception

  There can never be too much sweetness at a wedding and leaving a sweet taste in your guest’s mouths

Army & Navy ’50’s Tablecloth Handmade Filet Lace Linen Organdy

1950 American military stationed in Asia. Lore of a genteel time, Army-Navy tablecloth Don't wait. Still limited time to re-stitch family history Heirloom Keepsake, available in stock!

Army Navy Style Easy Care Vintage Tablecloth From The 50’s Era

  “The lore on Army Navy cloths is widely varied depending on who you talk to. What I at one

Baby Battenburg Lace Crib- Bedside Organizer White Cotton Storage

  Originally in use by Catholic clergy, the production of lace became popular in the 16th century. Lace represented a

Baby Battenburg Lace Keepsake Box:Heart Shape Top With Lace Cross

  Beautifully crafted Battenburg Lace Baby Keepsake Heart shaped Box…functional and pretty…handmade with a Lace Cross in the centre of

Battenburg Lace Cosmetic Bag Intimate Travel Organizer

  Battenburg Lace travel cosmetic bag is an exquisite way to organize make up & lip gloss…lace can always conjure

Beautiful Victorian Lace & Linen Flower Bouquet Lace Wrap Ideas

Go for lacey combinations You can’t go wrong when it comes to using lace for a floral arrangement, especially a

Bridal Rose Double Wedding Ring Quilt & Hand Appliqué Collectible

A beautiful, hand-appliqued heirloom quilt. An exquisite combination of 2 very popular quilting themes: Double Wedding Ring and Bridal Rose