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Appliqué Cherries Red & White Fine Cotton Organdy Round Tablecloth

Organdy is a fine, translucent cotton fabric usually having a durable crisp finish, white. Jennifer Rosbrugh of Historical Sewing publish an article “Organdy  The Costumer’s Dream Fabric“. This rare Dream Fabric is now available in stock!

Appliqué Round Tablecloth Yellow Heritage Rose & Trapunto Rosebud

Appliqué by hand is a specialized needlework technique in which patterns are created by the attachment of smaller pieces of

Art Drawing Chrysanthemum Fine Hand Stitch Embroider Round Ecru

  We create this exquisite design of very fine embroidered chrysanthemum. It is an artistic expression in an unusual medium:

Broderie Anglaise Cutwork Round Tablecloth Eyelet Embroidery

Broderie anglaise is characterized by patterns composed of round or oval holes, called eyelets, which are cut out of the

Crocheted Roses 4 Corners Flowers White Cotton Round Tablecloth

Hand crocheted rose has always been a popular motif throughout centuries. We create this unique tablecloth with the crocheted roses

Crystal Lace Round Tablecloth Batten Lace & Polyester: Ecru-White

Crystal Lace is an unusual creation of the beloved cotton battenburg lace coupled with a sheer and easy care polyester

CutWork Tulips Round Tablecloth Embroidered White OR Ecru Cotton

  We present this simple and elegant cutwork tulips Round tablecloth. Made of 100% Cotton natural fibre. 4 sizes White

Daffodils Reticella Lace Round Tablecloth Linen Needle Embroidery

Reticella (also reticello or in French point coupé or point couppe) was originally a form of cutwork in which threads

Fine Pinwheel Crochet Lace & Irish Rose Trim Round Tea Tablecloth

  Pinwheel design hand crocheted with very fine cotton thread by expert craftswomen. The pinwheel gives an eye-popping flair within