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Fine Linens: Battenburg Lace Square Coaster & White Cotton Lining

  Battenburg lace is a creative craft using a tape lace as foundation. Loops of woven tape are formed during

Flowers of Province in Canada Crochet Trim Embroider Lavender Bag

Canada as a country is rich in diversity and variety. Its land stretches from temperate climate of Pacific British Columbia

Lavender Bags: Embroider Flower Crochet Lace Trim Cotton Gift Bag

Tis the blooming seasons for resplendent flowers…spring and summer! Beautifully crafted and embroidered flowers on lavender sachet bags or gift

Lavender Gift Bag Battenburg Lace Trim Spells “MOM” White+Ecru Cotton

  Lace is a textile that celebrates grace. And Battenburg Lace when beautifully hand made can always conjure intimacy and

Tooth Fairy Pouch Battenburg Lace Cotton Heart OR Round Sachet

The Tooth Fairy is here to deliver a wonderful keepsake! This cute little pouch will hold your child's fallen teeth, so you can cherish precious memories from their youth.