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    Linen Square Place Mats We bring you these pure 100% linen cutwork squares with white work embroidered roses

A Sweet & Romantic Lace Decorated Candy Bar at Wedding Reception

  There can never be too much sweetness at a wedding and leaving a sweet taste in your guest’s mouths

AnselAdamsCrochet Lace Doily: Handmade Cotton Ecru+White (set 4)

  An amazing discovery quite by accident. One of our Crochet Lace Doily designs was photographed and published by famed

Antique White Flat Venice Cantu Lace 100% Needlemade All Lace Doily

  Flat Venice Lace or Point Plat de Venice or Cantu Lace is 100% hand stitched with needle and thread.

Antique White Flat Venice Needle Lace Cantu Lace 100% Linen Doily

  The heavy Point de Venice Gros Point Lace was not appropriate for all uses. And the delicate Point Plat

Battenburg Lace Handmade 100% Cotton White or Ecru Tea Coaster

  Our Battenburg Lace is the best ever design, hand crafted by high skilled artisans, complete with lace bars &

Battenburg Lace Trim Table Topper White Cotton Square or Round

For the lovers of Battenburg Lace, we design a simple and elegant decoration. Light and delicate, this sturdy lace trim

Beautiful Victorian Lace & Linen Flower Bouquet Lace Wrap Ideas

Go for lacey combinations You can’t go wrong when it comes to using lace for a floral arrangement, especially a

Cluny Lace Trim Round Doilies White Cotton Handmade & Embroider

Want to add some sophistication during mealtime? Cluny Lace makes a lovely dining setting. Perfect when guests come to visit.

Crystal Lace Round Doilies Batten Lace & Polyester White or Ecru

  Crystal Lace is an unusual creation of the beloved cotton Battenburg lace coupled with a sheer and easy care

Cut Work Embroidered Daffodils Square Place Mats White 100% Linen

  Pure Linen is always a beautiful way to set the mood for a formal dining experience. Cutwork Daffodils in

Cut Work Embroidered Tulips Round Doilies White 100% Cotton

  Tulip is one of the world’s most easily recognized and beloved flowers. It is always “just right”, not too