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12 Days Of Christmas Handmade Quilted Wall Hanging Heirloom Gift

Christmas Hand made Quilt an affordable Wall Hanging to decorate your home, traditional or modern.

2 Styles White Cotton Handkerchief Crochet Triple Tip Lace Corner

  Stories of hope, heartache and happiness hiding in the humble handkerchief. Handkerchiefs have been with us in the small

Apple Green Kitty Cat Vintage Sleep-Over Quillow With Zipper

  A unique and cute innovation! A “quillow” is a quilt with a reversible pocket strategically sewn on the quilt

Baby Battenburg Lace Crib Sheet & Pillow White Cotton Embroidery

  Beautifully crafted Battenburg Lace Baby Crib sheet and matching pillow case…functional and pretty. Originally in use by Catholic clergy,

Baby Battenburg Lace Crib Skirt Pleated & Embroider White Cotton

  Beautifully crafted Battenburg Lace Baby Crib Skirt…functional and pretty…cascading to the floor. Originally in use by Catholic clergy, the

Baby Battenburg Lace Crib- Bedside Organizer White Cotton Storage

  Originally in use by Catholic clergy, the production of lace became popular in the 16th century. Lace represented a

Baby Battenburg Lace Diaper Stacker & Organizer White 100% Cotton

  Beautifully crafted Battenburg Lace Baby Diaper Stacker and Organizer…functional and pretty. When baby grows up, it can be a

Baby Battenburg Lace Duvet & Pillow Cover White Cotton Embroidery

  Beautifully hand crafted Baby Battenburg Lace Duvet and matching pillow cover is created to complement a very intimate look.

Baby Battenburg Lace Keepsake Box:Heart Shape Top With Lace Cross

  Beautifully crafted Battenburg Lace Baby Keepsake Heart shaped Box…functional and pretty…handmade with a Lace Cross in the centre of

Baby Bib Battenburg Lace: Elegant & Simple White 100% Cotton

  White and beautiful, with a touch of Battenburg Lace, soft and caressing… This Battenburg Lace Baby Bib is so

Baby Embroider Cotton Crib Sheet & Pillow Case Eyelet Lace Trim

  Pure and white Cotton sheets for baby’s soft skin. Beautifully embroidered in pastel Pinks and Blues “Baby” crib sheet

Baby Sailboat Quilt Red-White-& Blue with Contour Hand Quilting

The Sailboat pattern has been around for 80 years and it is still a classic for boys. Its simple design