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Baby Sailboat Quilt Yellow-Apple Green-Blue Contour Hand Quilting

The Sailboat pattern has been around for 80 years and it is still a classic for boys. Its simple design

Baby Sun Bonnet Sue Dutch Girl Crib Quilt With Embroidery

Sun Bonnet Sue has long been an icon in the quilting world for over a century. Also known as Dutch

Baby: ABC Embroidered Window Valance : A [APPLE] B [BEE] C [CAT]

  How cool is that for baby to wake up to brightly coloured embroidered window valance. “A” for “Apple”, “B”

Battenburg Baby Line: everything battenburg lace to coordinate

Battenburg Lace Baby Bib Apron readily for partying. This bib apron is a pretty and elegant alternative to a short

Bird Tablecloth Folk Art Hedgehog Musical Embroider Cotton Square

  If you have kids or are just “young-at-heart”, then this is the perfect tablecloth for you!   How cute

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree & Rocking Horse Square Doilies

Who can resist the charm of Charlie Brown? And the fond memories of an antique Rocking Horse? We bring you

Cut Work Rose Embroider White Cotton Bed Boudoir Baby Pillow Cushion

  Our Cutwork Rose design is so popular that products were developed to complete the Whole Home approach. As a

Grandma’s Lace Handkie Irish Roses Trim Pastel OR Victorian Color

  We create this unique vintage style Grandma’s Handkie to honour all grandmothers young or old. The larger size of

Handkerchief Green Bullion Stitched Shamrocks – Luck of The Irish

  Celebrate the Luck of the Irish with the iconic shamrock! The Druids considered the impressive vitality of the shamrock

Handkerchief Purple Heirloom Fine Hand Stitching Keepsake

  Stories of hope, heartache and happiness hiding in the humble handkerchief. Handkerchiefs have been with us in the small

Handkerchief Triple Tip Fine Crocheted Lace Corner White Cotton

  The Magic of Three : this Triple Tip handkerchief is a popular keepsake for brides. The Latin phrase “omne

Handkerchief Yellow Rose Embroidery White Cotton

  Handkerchiefs -the finishing touch to fine couture & etiquette, now add another worthy cause to today’s modern society- environmental