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Pink Blue & White Crochet Oblong Tablecloth Flower Wheel Design

Pink Blue & White Crochet Lace Oblong Tablecloth traditional Flower Wheel Design. A cheery Crochet Lace tablecloth to decorate your

Pink-Blue & White Crochet Round Tablecloth: Flower Wheel Design

Pink and Sky Blue with White have always been the colours of choice for babies or children. And now, for

Royal Wedding Battenburg Lace Handkie A Message REIGN EPISODE 204

  As seen in the popular Television series, REIGN (episode 26: THE LAMB AND THE SLAUGHTER,) Royal Battenburg Lace was

Tooth Fairy Pouch Battenburg Lace Cotton Heart OR Round Sachet

The Tooth Fairy is here to deliver a wonderful keepsake! This cute little pouch will hold your child's fallen teeth, so you can cherish precious memories from their youth.

Vintage 1950 Madeira Embroidery Men’s Initial Handkerchief Cotton

    Elegance is a quality of style and grace. There is no denying that a Madeira hand embroidered handkerchief

Wedding Handkerchief Battenburg Lace Hearts Embroidered White

  Battenburg hand crafted Lace Hearts, a romantic handkie for the last tear of a bride! Four hearts blooming with

Wedding Handkie Bobbin Lace Vintage Handmade Keepsake Bride Tradition

Handkerchiefs have been a significant tradition for weddings throughout the ages, so why not start your own? For the ultimate choice of romance and bridal elegance. Vintage Bobbin Lace Linen Handkerchief.

White Battenburg Lace Baby Pillow Travel Cushion Boudoir Pillow

Battenburg Lace was developed in the late 1800s and named after Queen Victoria’s son-in-law, The lace gained popularity due to

White Daisies Fine Swiss Embroidery Stitch Simple Elegance Handkie

  ♪Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do!♪ Swiss hand embroidered daisies & wildflowers, with hand rolled & hand stitched

XMas Charlie Brown Christmas Tree And Rocking Horse Table Runners

  Who can resist the charm of Charlie Brown? And the fond memories of an antique Rocking Horse? We bring

XMas Square Cloth Holly Bear Embroidery & Cut Work White Cotton

  Elegant and playful, we created Holly Bear doilies & runners to accessorize modern homes in subtle tranquility. Holly Bear